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Should I Graduate From High School?

This story should be a familiar to most people reading it as most of you have already made a decision. For those who are still deciding or for those who wish to check out their procedure for making the choice they did-read on. The story begins with high school students (mostly seniors) sitting in their high school lunch room talking about their plans after graduation. College, the military, full time work, getting married, moving away from home, the list goes on and the excitement is obvious. So many post graduation options, but for one person in the group, one more option exists -- dropping out of high school and not graduating. This person hates school. Each day is a struggle and his grades support this feeling. Barely passing, a decision to graduate means long hours of studying, attending what he thinks are boring and not very worthwhile classes, feeling stupid and for what?

The stage is set.  The” for what?” is, of course, the question that needs to be addressed before a good choice is made. Like many decisions, they can be changed and so it is with graduating or not, however, few who choose to drop out ever return to a traditional school.  

The bell rings and the best part of the day is over. Five minutes and he is back in a desk trying to listen to the teacher who is explaining why the demand curve for widgets is downward sloping.  Widgets, graphs, what good is it? It is an irony that the very class he is complaining about-economics, is one that can help a great deal in answering the question and help him make a good choice about graduating or not. Knowledge is important and must be integrated into the decision making guide process. Be sure to think about your financial literacy foundation of basic facts as well as your business principles as you follow the decision making guide. Remember, for example, that there are no costless decisions, it is all about YOU, a relationship does exist between education and lifelong earnings, and you are a productive resource, to name a few.     

By the way, you will quickly notice that the guide is not a simple minded document and is not a waste of time. It is also not easy to complete if you take it seriously and because it focuses on YOU; it is impossible to cheat from others and receive much value. Although it is not imperative, writing down your ideas as they relate to the guide’s directions will be helpful. This is particularly helpful when you share your insights with a peer in order to get another’s perspective. If possible, find and talk to a high school drop out as well.

Begin the guide. This might be the most important home work assignment you will ever do. Maybe you can talk your teacher into earning extra credit. We wonder what the outcome will be.

Applications Insights Guide - click here for facts to aid your decision making process

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