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Community Helpers - Gifts For The Taking

As has been said many times, everyone struggles with obtaining and using financial literacy. Making financially based decisions is a universal and most everyone understands that the importance of doing it well and has experienced good and bad consequences from their decisions. Working toward the goal of maximizing the good and minimizing the bad seems to be the right choice. The question is how to reach that goal. One way, of course, is to gather as much information as possible and learn from experiences both yours and those of others.

Fortunately, people don’t have to go far to get good information and learn from others experiences. Every community is full of people/organizations that have special information and expertise to help people learn and make good choices that will help accumulate wealth, reduce risks, and basically build a financial foundation that will reduce financially based tragedy. From an organizational perspective, community based financial institutions (banks, credit unions, investment offices, and insurance agencies, legal agencies (courts, rule of law, and police), and not-for-profit businesses (consumer credit, debt counseling, and local colleges and universities) are right next door and willing to help. In fact, no matter who they are, it is their job to help and seeking their assistance is making their job just that much easier. Don’t be ashamed, do them a favor and get them involved in helping you.

From a personal perspective, your friends and acquaintances are valuable resources as well. Few if any financial decisions have not already been made by someone. The consequences both good and bad have already been experienced so take advantage of this fact by talking with people. This website's social media connections can make this quest much broader, but you can begin right away by just chatting with your friends. Be open and honest and they will usually respond in kind.

Specific benefits of each of the community based resources follow. Don’t pass up one of the greatest gifts of all that being financial freedom.


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