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Should I Fall in Love?

This story begins with two people innocently meeting at work, at school, in a café, standing in line to checkout at a local retail store, or just literally running into one another as they hurry through life. Intrigued by the chance connection, both parties contemplate a relationship full of fun, diverse experiences, and creating a bond that just feels good. After all, great friends are hard to come by and forming true soul mates may be a once in a life time opportunity. 

Perhaps getting together for a cup of coffee, a study date, dinner, or attending a sports event could be fun and might help each person determine if forming a strong relationship has some merit. Just the decision to ask the other person out and having them accept is an important commitment and strengthens the bond even before the actual getting together takes place.

The stage is set. Before the chance meeting there was no chance of a relationship and now a conversation has taken place, vital statistics have been shared (name, telephone number, address, etc.) and a decision to spend some time and probably money has been made. All this before the actual date takes place!

Well, you probably have guessed, the date was amazing. The chance acquaintance seems to have real possibilities. Of the ten most important characteristics for a great friend (maybe soul mate) this person has eight! In just a few days, this person has moved up close to the top of your friend list.

It might be time to commit even more and plan a major gathering which means more planning, more time, more food, more activities, and more money. I wonder if this person is the one. Could I or have I fallen in love?

It is certainly too soon to tell, but if we continue to do more things together and it gets even better, who knows. I wonder if my new partner feels the same way. I think so, but that could be just wishful thinking.

WHAT DO I DO NEXT? As crazy as it might sound, it is time to get help from the decision making guide. The ”romantic” in you wants this story to go on and result in everyone falling in love, getting married, and living happily ever after, but the reality is that this has a low probability and the staying married part is less than 50-50. In addition, it is well known that many of a person’s financial problems can be linked to the love machine. To keep you from being part of the bad 50% or, at the very least spending a lot of money, begin the decision making process by following the guide.

By the way, you will quickly notice that the guide is not a simple minded document and is not a waste of time. It is also not easy to complete if you take it seriously. In addition, because the focus is on YOU it is impossible to cheat from others and receive much value. Although it is not imperative, writing down your ideas as they relate to the guide’s directions will be helpful. This is particularly helpful when you share your insights with a peer in order to get another’s perspective or if you dare share it with your “maybe I love you” companion. By the way, it might be useful to view the guide as a device that has a factual (objective) component and an emotional (subjective) component. In order to be helpful, the decision making facts must be interwoven with your personality. You will KNOW YOURSELF far more when you finish the guide and make a choice. Love, no love, or something in between?

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