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Not-For-Profit Agencies

The United States tax code allows for organizations or agencies to have a not-for-profit designation that allows many of them to have the opportunity to avoid taxes and in some cases provide tax deductions to people that contribute to their operation. Many charities such as United Way and Special Olympics or service organizations like selected credit counseling bureaus and hospitals have this designation. In order to acquire this designation, agencies need to have special service objectives, use its income in certain ways, and overall improve the quality of life of the people in its service area. With a structure such as this, these organizations or agencies can be a very valuable asset to people who have special challenges or needs that are not provided by the private profit making sector.

As the services of the not-for-profit business are often provided at low or no cost to the client, they are good places to go for help in many arenas. It is no surprise, given the importance of building a good financial foundation, that many not-for-profits exist to assist people in making good financial decisions and or correcting problems made in the past that have seriously hurt their financial position. The following is a short list of organization and agencies that can be a good place to start seeking information and guidance regarding financial matters: 

  • Better business bureaus
  • Consumer credit bureaus
  • Credit counseling agencies
  • United States Treasury
  • Social Security administration
  • Local libraries
  • Churches
  • Universities and colleges

As is often the case some organizations and agencies are more helpful than others. Consequently, seeking advice and recommendations from people who have used these services will be most helpful. This is another place where using the unique social media component found in this website will pay huge dividends.  Remember, you are not the only one seeking financial freedom!


1) Financial Educators Council: Money Management Programs


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