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Personal Finance 101 - Sample Syllabus

BADM 101:  Personal Finance for Young Adults
Two semester hours
Prerequisites:  none

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Course Description:
A survey course designed to provide a basic conceptual framework for young people who want to make good financial choices resulting in wealth creation, avoiding financially related problems, and experiencing the feeling of financial freedom. Although a variety of current materials and methodologies will be employed, the predominate structure will be derived from the newly developed website.

Course Prerequisites:
There are no prerequisites for BADM 101 Personal Finance. Students should be committed to acquiring a high level of financial literacy and be open to establishing a preliminary life’s plan.

Description of Methodology:
Designed to be an instructor driven course, the core material and related structure is provided by the newly created website. As a comprehensive approach to becoming financially literate, the website is the primary “text”. As such, every student needs easy access to internet accessible laptop computers. 

An important and complimentary methodology is cooperative learning and sharing. Strong emphasis will be given to in and outside class discussions, team work, and cooperative evaluations. Participation is required.

Course Requirements:

  • Readings and activities as assigned from
  • Active participation in class discussions is expected
  • As this course utilizes a cooperative learning model, attendance is required
  • Assignments are due on time - no late work is accepted
  • A personal portfolio pertaining to financial goals and plans will be ongoing and the completed portfolio will be due one week before the end of class

Course Goals and Outcomes:
Students that successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Understand personal finance terminology
  • Have acquired a proper way of thinking about financial matters and be able to follow a prescribed decision making model
  • Create a desireable life's goal plan and identify the appropriate activities necessary to make that plan a reality
  • Identify and utilize valuable resources to help make appropriate financial choices now and in the future
  • Accept the value of being financially free and accomulating wealth
  • Become a team player

Evaluation Procedures:
Students will be evaluated by the instructor and their respective team members. The breakdown follows:

  • Quizzes - 15%
  • Exams - 25%
  • Portfolio - 25%
  • Participation - 25%
  • Team evaluation - 10%

Course Schedule:

  • Overview and introduction
  • Motivation to learn…know what your don’t know
  • The discipline of PERSONAL FINANCE…it is more than balancing a checkbook
  • The Decision Making Guide…planning the trip to financial freedom
  • Young adults make major choices…how are we different and the same
  • Coping with bad choices…there is always hope
  • Community resources…there is help right around the corner
  • Description of a financially literate person…a personal snapshot
  • Share experiences…social media has real value
  • Final evaluation
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